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Protection Technical Textiles

High visible, waterproof, flame retardant, antistatic, chemical resistant workwear fabrics.

Protection Technical Textiles
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70 gr/m2, 100% Polyester, Knit Fabric
Fluorescent Warp Knit Fabric

ArNeo Color Light is 100% polyester, 65-70 gr/m'2 warp knitted bias tape.

It used as bias farbic for safety jackets.

Depending on your bias design, it is possible to deliver bias tapes from 1cm up to 12cm.

Technical Parameters

Fiber 100% Polyester (PES) EN ISO 2076
Yarn 68 Denier EN ISO 2060
Weight 70 ±5 gr/m2 EN ISO 3081
Width 1500 ±20 mm EN ISO 3932
Bursting strength > 400 kPa (kN/m2) EN ISO 13938-1
Dimensional Change -5% < Length < +5% ; -5% < Width < +5% EN ISO 5077
Rubbing Fastness 4-5 EN ISO 105 X12
Perspiration Fastness 4-5 EN ISO 105 E04
Washing Fastness 4-5 EN ISO 105 C06
Dry Cleaning Fastness 4-5 EN ISO 105 D01
Hypochlorite Fastness 4-5 EN ISO 105 N01
Hot Press Fastness 4-5 EN ISO 105 X11
pH 6.2 EN ISO 3071
Azo Test No Azo Colorants. EN ISO 14362-1
Application Bias
Quality Management Done ISO 9001

Technical Documents

>> ArNeo Color Light Data Sheet



Bias for safety jackets


Oeko Tex Standard 100

Care Instructions

60'C Machine Wash No Chlorine Based Bleaching Can Be Tumble Dried On Low Heat Setting Maximum 150'C Warm Iron Suitable for Dry Cleaning

Colors and Article Numbers

  Dark Red PT-33354-1 - STANDART - ArNeo Color Light-4094
  Royal PT-57820-1 - STANDART - ArNeo Color Light-4095
  Navy PT-57753-1 - STANDART - ArNeo Color Light-4096
  Green PT-64889-1 - STANDART - ArNeo Color Light-4097
  Turquoise PT-57819-1 - STANDART ArNeo Color Light-4098
  Pink PT-48530-1 - STANDART - ArNeo Color Light-4099
  Grey PT-95502-1 - STANDART - ArNeo Color Light-4100
  Purple PT-48531-1 - STANDART - ArNeo Color Light-4101
  Black PT-95503-1 - STANDART ArNeo Color Light-4102
  White PTO-10275-1 - STANDART - ArNeo Color Light-4103
  Sax PT-57972-1 - STANDART - ArNeo Color Light-4290
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