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Fabrics made of technical textiles are usefull for protection from various environmental factors.

Nowadays we can easily use those clothes on dangereous working area and military.

Ariteks offers fabrics that have welding protection, flame retardancy, high visibility ,water and oil repellent and waterproof properties.

On medical area, it is possible to find special fabrics with antibacterial functions which prevent micro-organisms and odor formation.

Uv protection is a new area which give protection from harmful effects of sunlight.

Ariteks produces fabrics for agriculture, military, constructions and automotive industries as well as solution for shoes and sportswear.

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Fashion Fabrics


More than 45 years Ariteks produces fabric for fashion industry.

All natural and synthetic fabrics can be supplied both in single and mixed forms in many colors and patterns.

Many finishing and coating processing is available to create new fabric fashion trends.

Natural fabrics developed from highest quality Turkish cotton, linen and viscose fabrics are produced with latest technology and are sent to the world famous fashion centers.

Fashion Fabrics

Ariteks at a glance

Ariteks, founded as a family owned business in 1975, is the leading fabric manufacturer company both in fashion and technical fabrics.

By continuously developing high-end technologies it provides solutions to end users in apparel, protective workwear, functional sport ,medical wear as well as technical textiles in construction and transportation industries.

As the pioneer company in special dyeing methods like indigo, vat, space-dye, coating and laminating systems, Ariteks produces highest-quality fabrics both for international and domestic markets.

Ariteks uses clean and renewable energy resources. It consumes minimum amount of water by using continuous optimized systems.

Based in 14000m2 with 12 separate in house R&D laboratories, the company spends 5% of its budget for research and developing future technologies. It focuses especially on 3rd generation solar cells on flexible fabrics and biosensing textiles.

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Bci, better cotton initiative

Ariteks Production Plant
Ariteks Corlu Production Plant

Tosh 2024
02 - 04 May 2024, Tosh Istanbul Turkey, 5. Türk İş Güvenliği ve Sağlığı Uluslararası İhtisas Fuari
Ariteks Protection department presented flame retardant fabrics.

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You can find all the fabrics for workwear, medical, sport, transport and military
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